Courage On The Stage, And On Social Media

In case you haven’t heard yet, last night’s Broadway performance of Hamilton was even more interesting than usual.

A few Twitter screenshots are included in this post along with a link to a short video of Brandon Victor Dixon reading a history-making announcement.  The video was posted on the New York Times site.

We all must speak out, responsibly.  We must be in control of our emotions, and articulate our thoughts on an adult level.  If we have questions about whether a particular statement is unwise or open to misinterpretation, we should consult others before speaking or posting.

A word on the Twitter screenshots:  The one attributed to me is in response to a public Facebook appeal from Robert Reich, who served as Labor Secretary early in Bill Clinton’s Administration.  Dr. Reich has asked us to post this on Twitter, and it’s copied verbatim from his Facebook post.  If you’re on Twitter, please consider posting the same message yourself.  You can also post it on Facebook or in any other forum.

All day I’ve been thinking about a quote attributed to Ben Franklin:  If we don’t hang together, we shall most certainly hang separately.

As author Saladin Ahmed points out, a safety pin won’t convince anyone you have their back.  Only your actions can do that.


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