More Lies

I was considering skipping last night’s Donald Trump interview on 60 Minutes.  The fact that I don’t have a TV was a flimsy excuse because the CBS Radio affiliate in San Francisco airs a simulcast every Sunday.

There was a responsibility to hear at least some of it, although a metaphysical reading of his hair wasn’t possible without video.  An unstable, amoral person will be in power before the end of next January, and even if cooler heads are helpless we still need to see how he’s behaving at each given moment.  We’ll have this burden for as long as “President Trump” is in office.  Buy antacids.

I listened to Lesley Stahl’s interview with Donald Trump for about a half hour before turning off the radio.  The interviewee’s role in it was damage reduction only.  He wanted us to believe he’s a much nicer person than the monster who raged through the entire campaign.  If anyone noticed something different in the second thirty minutes, please post in the comment section.

When asked about the increase in hate crimes since the election, Mr. Trump claimed he hadn’t heard about that.  Then he used some of his on-air time to ask the people committing those crimes to stop, sounding so humble and sincere the remark may have been rehearsed.

If Donald Trump’s first inkling of the problem really was when Ms. Stahl mentioned it, it confirmed our suspicion that he doesn’t follow current events carefully.  His style is to behave on impulse and assure us he can “fix it.”  Staying informed isn’t part of the formula.

My guess is, however ignorant Mr. Trump ordinarily is, he knew about the hate crimes before being confronted with them on network television.  He and his advisors just didn’t think he’d look good if he said, “Well, these things don’t happen without a good reason.  Those Muslims, Mexicans and…”

Oprah Winfrey created some controversy when she said she felt optimistic after hearing about Mr. Trump’s meeting with President Obama.  She may really be that gullible, but I’m guessing she said what she did for the same reason President Obama behaved so graciously with his successor:  The country is in a panic, and sometimes all you can do is try to calm people.

We’re screwed, but neither Oprah nor the outgoing President can do anything about it except try to help us sleep better for a little while. I won’t judge either one of them.

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