Another Random Thought

I spent part of the weekend housecleaning.  I also plugged up the bathroom sink drain while rinsing grime off of cleaning cloths. Fortunately, baking soda and vinegar cleared the drain.

We each have our own definition of the word “clean,” and that definition may change when we’re expecting company.  In my case, the definition didn’t change one bit.  I had just allowed the window blinds, baseboards and a few other things to go too long without maintenance, and decided something had to be done.

Last night a weird dream proved reassuring, but it was reassuring only as long as the dream lasted.  When I woke up, the real world kicked me in the face and I knew that soon I’d be back to wiping window blinds, baseboards, etc.

In the dream, the dust was purple glitter.  Yes, the dream was in color.  The glitter didn’t move around, either.  I could adjust the window blinds, sit on the furniture and do anything else I pleased without kicking up any of it.

The purple glitter in my dream was beautiful.  At the time, I sensed that no one would find it in bad taste, and if they did I wouldn’t care.

I’ll be thinking about this dream for a while, taking it apart and analyzing it.  Was it about self-esteem?  Was it a way to vent my secret wish that I never had to do housework?

Maybe the dream was about nothing in particular.  At any rate, please vote in tomorrow’s election, if you haven’t already.  If you don’t, we may end up with a president who won’t let us have purple glitter — or our freedom in general.

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