Something Sinister Is Going On. I Just Know It!

Disclaimer:  This post appeared in a slightly different form on Facebook yesterday. Dave Hill’s weekly radio show, The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, airs on Jersey City station WFMU Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.  It has a running time of three hours, so if you’re in the Eastern U.S. and it’s a work night, uh, move to California. Two nights ago Dave was eating Pumpkin Spice Oreos while on the air. There was skepticism on the part of listeners whether he was actually in the WFMU studio or in contact by telephone from NYC, due to a personal appearance in the city … Continue reading Something Sinister Is Going On. I Just Know It!

Credit Card Breach

If you’ve visited Madison Square Garden or Radio City Music Hall in the past year or so, please take a look at this report on the International Business Times site.  A security breach affects cards which were used for some transactions and not others, so read the article carefully. Continue reading Credit Card Breach

Shop Local For The Holidays

The title of this post should have an asterisk next to it.  Then, the bottom of the page should have the words, “If you can afford it.” It isn’t easy doing things right.  Most of us can’t buy everything from a small retailer who must mark up prices to pay overhead.  We fall back on chain stores or online shopping sites, which in the long run don’t support the local economy. If you want to be an apologist for online shopping, there are legitimate positions you can take.  Those companies create business for the USPS (which needs as much business … Continue reading Shop Local For The Holidays

The Real Issue Gets Put On The Back Burner

I don’t know what’s going on with workers in Alberta, but one of their representatives in Canada’s Parliament, Michelle Rempel, spoke quite forcefully about it. All it takes is one “unparliamentary” word, though, and suddenly the word becomes the topic of debate. Maybe we should think of this whenever one of us is tempted to say “Fuck Trump,” or something along those lines.  Keep the wording G-rated, to avert off-topic criticism. Trump’s supporters are ready to pick at small things because they know they can’t win legitimately when Trump’s so-called principles are challenged. The Guardian report doesn’t suggest the Green Party’s Elizabeth … Continue reading The Real Issue Gets Put On The Back Burner

Jared Kushner’s Conflict

You may have heard about a controversy earlier this year at the New York Observer.  Publisher Jared Kushner wrote an opinion piece supporting the candidacy of his father-in-law, Donald Trump, and included an account of how the Holocaust had affected his own family. At least one writer on the Observer’s staff published a rebuttal, and Mr. Kushner received wide criticism from the public in general for recalling his family’s Holocaust tragedy in that context. Yesterday, the New York Times posted a long article on their site, addressing Jared Kushner’s possible role as an unpaid adviser in the incoming Trump Administration.  A link to the article … Continue reading Jared Kushner’s Conflict

Courage On The Stage, And On Social Media

In case you haven’t heard yet, last night’s Broadway performance of Hamilton was even more interesting than usual. A few Twitter screenshots are included in this post along with a link to a short video of Brandon Victor Dixon reading a history-making announcement.  The video was posted on the New York Times site. We all must speak out, responsibly.  We must be in control of our emotions, and articulate our thoughts on an adult level.  If we have questions about whether a particular statement is unwise or open to misinterpretation, we should consult others before speaking or posting. A word on the Twitter … Continue reading Courage On The Stage, And On Social Media