Vote On November 8

It All Boils Down To This: F*** CRUELTY. Okay, this is an anti-Trump message, but what’s really important is that every eligible voter carries out the responsibility of casting a ballot.  Please make your vote count by filling out your ballot meticulously.  Study the issues carefully, to ensure you are casting a vote which reflects your values. If you aren’t registered and the deadline for registration in your state has passed, you can still help.  You can help by being a thoughtful, courteous and respectful person.   The Donald wants to turn this country into a hateful society, and we must be careful not to let … Continue reading Vote On November 8

Restaurant Hazards

Late yesterday afternoon, I thought I’d get a slice of pizza.  I don’t eat high fat food every day, and since my cholesterol stays in good shape without medication it didn’t seem like a bad idea. My attitude and appetite changed completely when I saw a health inspector’s notice in the front window.  An iPhone photo of the notice, as well as a screenshot of the S.F. Dept. of Public Health report, are at the end of this post.  The name of the business is omitted because the owner has enough problems already.  It’s all a matter of public record, … Continue reading Restaurant Hazards

Do Dreams Mean Anything?

Some of us remember our dreams when we wake up, and we have heard what others say about those dreams.  However, like the Moody Blues, we decide… You get the idea.  A therapist or an enthusiastic acquaintance will try to interpret, but there’s no guarantee that person’s conclusion will be any more accurate than yours. Last night I dreamt I was watching a graffitist do his thing — with a manual typewriter.  I think it was an old Underwood.  He was actually tapping away on the keys, and his message was appearing on a wall. The images kept changing, though. … Continue reading Do Dreams Mean Anything?

Mature Creativity Versus ????

(Disclosure:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on personal observations.) An active imagination is great if you’re a creative person.  However, an adult understands the limits and responsibilities. I have done some fiction writing, and know how it is to let my creativity run amok and then look at the results later.  That’s where editing comes in.  I can’t call it art unless the characters are developed in a human way, the plot is constructed carefully and the wording is readable.  It would be terribly embarrassing if anyone saw my unedited … Continue reading Mature Creativity Versus ????

But No Trap Doors?

When I was a child, the child next door claimed there was a trap door in his house.  I never challenged him on that, but suspected he made up the whole story. A few years later, I was babysitting for a family who moved into that same house, and the child I babysat wanted to show me something “really neat”.  He led me to a wooden box attached to the floor in one of the closets, and opened the lid of the box.  Then he dropped a shirt in there. It was a laundry chute. Take my word for it. … Continue reading But No Trap Doors?

Coyotes In NYC

Warning:  The Village Voice article contains taxidermy images. However, the information from Gotham Coyote Project is enlightening. By the way, the article mentions residents feeding the animals to try to prevent aggressive behavior.  There’s no word on whether that has had any real effect on the coyotes, but many wild animals actually become more aggressive with humans when we feed them.  That’s why some areas have laws forbidding it. Continue reading Coyotes In NYC

Horrible Coincidence

Yesterday, I wrote a blog piece about how a person’s idealistic bubble might burst after moving to San Francisco.  The post went into some detail about sexual harassment of women by strangers, and a reference was made to the hazards of bystanders trying to help the women. Yesterday a man was slashed on an Uptown A train in Midtown Manhattan after trying to defend a female passenger from sexist abuse.  He’s expected to recover.  A security video of the suspect leaving the station through an exit turnstile has been made public. Please never say the man who intervened was foolish. … Continue reading Horrible Coincidence

San Francisco Realism

Note: When reading observations on San Francisco’s worst-behaved people, please keep in mind that my total of thirty-four years living here have been spent on one edge of the Tenderloin or another.  I don’t know how it reflects on the city as a whole, although I have sometimes encountered those personalities outside of my own neighborhood. I have lived in San Francisco since 1982.  I’ve been in the Bay Area all my life, though, and since moving to the city I haven’t seriously considered living in other parts of the region. I was twenty-two when I moved into a low … Continue reading San Francisco Realism