Today I filled out my absentee ballot and returned it in person at San Francisco City Hall.

In California, every eligible voter has the option of receiving an absentee ballot automatically.  I receive one for every election because it’s less stressful than going to the polling place.

If we want, we can return our absentee ballots by mail in a postage paid envelope.  There are different options for returning ballots, in the hope that people will just vote.

We might have a better turnout than usual for this election, due to the Donald thing.  However, it’s still anyone’s guess whether many people in San Francisco (or anyplace else in California) who cast votes will look carefully at the other issues.  Our November ballot is huge, and I spent hours studying the official voter info.

If you live in S.F., you’re asked to make up your mind on twenty-four local measures, some of which probably aren’t as they appear.  The state portion of the ballot is more reasonable, with only seventeen initiatives.  I left some spaces on the ballot blank, and in other cases made decisions based on what I thought was going on.

Anyway, it’s done.  I spent awhile longer at City Hall after handing in my ballot, to take photos of the inside of the building.  Over the next couple of days or so, they’ll be posted on Instagram, username helen_writes.

After studying ballot issues which made me suspect there’s an ulterior motive behind practically everything powerful people sling at us (yeah, like that never occurred to any of us before now), there’s no reason to feel guilty about exploiting this VOTE blog post to promote an Instagram account.

So there.  *sticks out my tongue*  PHBBBBT!

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