Vote On November 8

It All Boils Down To This:


Okay, this is an anti-Trump message, but what’s really important is that every eligible voter carries out the responsibility of casting a ballot. 

Please make your vote count by filling out your ballot meticulously.  Study the issues carefully, to ensure you are casting a vote which reflects your values.

If you aren’t registered and the deadline for registration in your state has passed, you can still help.  You can help by being a thoughtful, courteous and respectful person.  

The Donald wants to turn this country into a hateful society, and we must be careful not to let that happen.  Hostility is too easy to stir up, and after it takes hold it becomes more difficult to recognize.  Then people begin thinking of it as common sense.  That’s when hate is the most dangerous.   

Just being a good human being can be positive in any crisis.

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