Oh, Gross.

I skipped the Trump-Clinton debate last night, but kept track of what people were saying on social media.

Is anyone still undecided?

I’m in the habit of voting for the Democratic candidate for President (and for most other offices), and for a long time I’ve been pretty clear on Donald Trump being a monster.  Besides, last night’s debate was expected to be one more Trump Freak Show.  A bunch of people besides me must have felt justified sitting this one out.

My Twitter pals generally agree on politics.  When we post opinions, we’re preaching to the choir, so to speak.  We don’t get a lot of balance that way, but it’s up to each one of us to use other sources for balance.  Hillary isn’t perfect, and we should know that.

I’ll close this post with a view of the darkest corners of the Twitter GOP Fantasy World.  By the way, the Falwell guy is Jerry Jr.  His dad outed Tinky Winky.

Note the date on Pat Boone’s post.  He tweeted that more than a year ago.





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