Post Every Day, Except When You Don’t

The title of this post refers to yesterday’s absence, which no one except me was likely to notice.  I got busy, overwhelmed and also absorbed in a couple of books. I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write, either.  Details, details. Today’s post will be limited to a link to a DNA Info update on post-Hurricane Sandy efforts in New York City.  Although most things are back to normal after four years, there’s still complicated work to be done in preparing for future catastrophes. Continue reading Post Every Day, Except When You Don’t

Fall Back Next Weekend

Here’s a link to a Standard Time reminder on the A.M. New York site. Let’s be clear on this:  We set the clocks back on the evening of Nov. 5 or the morning of Nov. 6 — not this weekend. So why not share this story next weekend instead of now?  Because I’m too busy today to write an original post, and besides, the online article has a beautiful photo I can’t wait to share.  THAT’S why. While you’re at it, do you recall the last time you replaced the smoke alarm battery? Continue reading Fall Back Next Weekend


Today I filled out my absentee ballot and returned it in person at San Francisco City Hall. In California, every eligible voter has the option of receiving an absentee ballot automatically.  I receive one for every election because it’s less stressful than going to the polling place. If we want, we can return our absentee ballots by mail in a postage paid envelope.  There are different options for returning ballots, in the hope that people will just vote. We might have a better turnout than usual for this election, due to the Donald thing.  However, it’s still anyone’s guess whether … Continue reading Vote

Bestsellers That Sell Out The Truth

I never want to speak ill of the dead.  At the same time, some lies take hold and don’t let go, and when they become part of an embellished history they’re very difficult to correct.  When possible, we should clear the record.  That rule applies even when the person who got the lie started is deceased himself.  True, Randy Shilts can’t defend himself.  However, this particular case involves a lie he circulated about a deceased person. I haven’t read any of Randy Shilts’s books from beginning to end.  My first impression of his work, in 1979, was negative.  I admit … Continue reading Bestsellers That Sell Out The Truth

Ms. Scapegrace, Voice Character Extraordinaire

Please consider following the adventures of Ms. Scapegrace on Vimeo.  The recordings are audio only, and brief.  Ms. Scapegrace asks all the important questions that no mortal being can answer. Her observations are hell on wheels, too. An iPhone app called Voice Changer is used in each of the recordings, and the app’s logo appears every darned time.  Oh, well. It’s okay.  If I ever win an award for the character (Yeah, unlikely), I’ll be sure to acknowledge “the fine people at Voice Changer, who have brought me coffee and sandwiches during my long journey, supported my work and stuck … Continue reading Ms. Scapegrace, Voice Character Extraordinaire

Shirley Jackson’s Life And Work

The October 27, 2016 issue of The New York Review Of Books has an enlightening article by Joyce Carol Oates about the writing and family life of Shirley Jackson. Ms. Oates reviews three books by and about Ms. Jackson, including a new graphic art interpretation of The Lottery by Ms. Jackson’s grandson, Miles Hyman. This article is available on the magazine’s website with no pay wall, and a link appears below.  Click the blue printing to read the piece. Shirley Jackson in Love & Death Continue reading Shirley Jackson’s Life And Work

Bryan Cranston’s Memoir (Sort Of, But Not Quite, A Book Review)

A Life In Parts by Bryan Cranston Simon and Schuster Hardcover, 274 Pages $27.00 ISBN-13: 9781476793856 (No Cover Image Available) I finished reading Bryan Cranston’s brilliant but humble memoir (No, that isn’t a joke.  It’s both) about a week ago, and still don’t feel ready to write a perceptive review.  It seemed best to wait until I figured it out in my head relatively well before posting anything on the record. Soon after its Oct. 11 release, A Life In Parts is at No. 9 on the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction Bestseller List.  We can only hope that means a lot of people … Continue reading Bryan Cranston’s Memoir (Sort Of, But Not Quite, A Book Review)

Don’t Underestimate The Sugar In That Beverage, Even If It’s 100% Juice

If you read this CNN article, please read it carefully.  It notes possible variables in the study, and artificial sweeteners aren’t completely exonerated. Be sure to take a look at the slideshow, too, but try to resist the temptation to say, “If my favorite juice has that much sugar, I’ll eat the cookies instead.”  That isn’t what mature adults do, and you know it. Continue reading Don’t Underestimate The Sugar In That Beverage, Even If It’s 100% Juice