San Francisco Recycling Woes

San Francisco has the toughest recycling laws of any place.  Our trash must be sorted carefully, and at least four bins are involved.  A few things have to be disposed of by making an appointment with the city’s contractor, Recology, and then placing the items at the curb. Sometimes we have to find a store that collects old cell phones or CFL bulbs.

Even the most meticulous people will make mistakes, and I’m under the impression that most S.F. residents aren’t that meticulous.  They make more work for the people who have to sift through all of that crap after it’s picked up, and property owners who get caught doing it wrong pay higher garbage bills as a result.

Here’s a link to a brand new YouTube slideshow addressing some of Recology’s rules for San Francisco.  It sticks to a narrow topic: Items forbidden in the blue bins.  I produced it myself, but the research was done carefully.

Until management told me I had to stop for safety reasons, I was rooting through the bins in my building and bringing them up to code before they were wheeled to the curb.  People who work in sorting facilities have to do that all day long.  Give them a break, okay?

The web address for San Francisco recycling information is

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