Learned Something New Today

If you see a biographical film — such as Ed Wood or Milk — do further research before feeling confident you’ve learned anything about that person’s life.  Biographical films are fictionalized, creative projects. They can make great art, but art and reality don’t always mix well.

A new movie about Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Jackie, stars Natalie Portman in the title role.  It has received a five star review from The Guardian’s Nigel M. Smith, and a link to that review appears at the end of this post.

Another link, to an article in Smithsonian, is also included.  When I read Mr. Smith’s review, I thought I’d caught a historical blooper.  I haven’t seen the movie, so it was hard to tell whether the suspected discrepancy was in the film or if Mr. Smith had just used the word “pantyhose” when he should have written “stockings.”  Turns out that pantyhose was available in stores earlier than I thought.  My mistake.



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