Careful Out There

Last night I got around to clearing a slow bathtub drain.  It wasn’t easy.  Ahead of time, I referred to several websites for instructions. They didn’t agree on how to go about it, even when they agreed on which materials to use.

One thing I didn’t find on any websites:  A heads up that eye protection should be worn, even if you’re not using a plunger.

No matter which plan you carry out, be careful with your eyes.  Wear goggles if you have them.  I didn’t have them, but put on my computer glasses when it became evident the baking soda/vinegar formula was causing a few airborne bubbles.  The bubbles didn’t float into the air.  They took off like rockets.

Was that supposed to happen, or did I use the wrong vinegar?  If the latter is the case, I’ll appreciate it if someone can post a comment advising which product to use next time.  I’ll still protect my eyes.

In the era of social media, many of us can’t resist posting even the most mundane photo to brag about an accomplishment.  I have a new camera phone, so I’ll share two dumb pics.


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