In Church?

In New York City, there’s a longtime city ordinance making it illegal to fart in church.

I think of that law whenever I hear about a politician campaigning in a house of worship.

In theory, our Constitution guarantees separation of Church and State, and delivering a political speech (or even making an appearance, if it’s for campaign purposes) where religious services are held shows a lack of respect for the Constitution.  This is equally true of any candidate who does it, and it isn’t a lot different from a religious organization lobbying for legislation to force its own values on the general public.

If a politician makes one of these “visits” during actual services, such as Sunday Mass, there’s a captive audience.  That candidate is the proverbial fart.

It’s impossible to know whether the N.Y.C. City Council had any business passing a law against busting wind in church specifically, but this week that isn’t really the point.  At all other times, our society should be debating the church farting law and demanding answers before any other issues can be addressed.  It’s a no-brainer.

This week is an exception because of an unusually odd situation with a Presidential candidate speaking at Great Faith Ministries International in Detroit.  What sort of agreement was reached to allow Donald Trump to exploit this house of worship as a damage reduction tool?  The congregation should object, and insist that nothing similar happens in the future.

Note:  This church holds weekly services on Saturday at noon.  It appears Mr. Trump was there in the morning.

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