Greetings From Smartphone Boot Camp

I’m learning how to use my first smartphone.  After twelve years of getting by with simple, pay-per-minute flip phones, I worked up the courage to take on the challenge. First, let’s not underestimate the determination of an electronic illiterate who buys and activates a cheap flip phone.  The decision was made in 2004 out of necessity, when both of my parents — who lived on the other side of the Bay Bridge — asked for a number where they could reach me in emergencies 24/7.  I gnashed my teeth and got that little monster working, although six months passed before … Continue reading Greetings From Smartphone Boot Camp


I plan to spend today sobbing because Freddie Mercury never recorded a jazz album. Please take a look at this Vine post.  The link overlaps other text on this page, but you should have no trouble going to the video. Running time is about six seconds, and I noticed the loop isn’t automatic in this link. Continue reading Crying

Pathetic Self-Promotion, But The Color Is Pretty

This morning I decided to take a look at the YouTube account and replace one slideshow which wasn’t playing well on the screen.  It was just a matter of replacing the light pink background with something compatible with white text.  Darned if I could figure out how to change the color of the text on my laptop, though.  The tools didn’t appear to be there. After ten months, very few people are showing an interest in the blog.  Advertising has been helpful, but not helpful enough. Here it is.  Love it, hate it, or feel indifferent.  The running time is … Continue reading Pathetic Self-Promotion, But The Color Is Pretty

Another Bullying-Induced Suicide

Update:  In an article and video report posted on an ABC affiliate site, a spokesperson with the Diocese states that an effort was made to help Danny Fitzpatrick.  A link to that story appears at the end of this post.  What happened to thirteen year-old Danny Fitzpatrick was preventable.  Adults should not have allowed other children to harass him in the first place. Personally, I wasn’t aware of recent news reports on bullying victims’ suicides until I saw this article on Gothamist’s site.  That doesn’t mean bullied children stopped committing suicide until this month, though. News coverage of an ongoing … Continue reading Another Bullying-Induced Suicide