The Donald’s Ghostwriter Speaks up

In case you missed Jane Mayer’s fine article about Trump ghostwriter Tony Schwartz in The July 25 issue of The New Yorker, a link appears below.

When Mr. Schwartz was approached to write the late 1990s bestselling Trump memoir The Art Of The Deal, he had misgivings. However, financial pressure put his moral compass on hold and he signed a book contract which seemed generous at the time.

In the article by Jane Mayer, Tony Schwartz describes his regrets and explains why Donald Trump may be the most dangerous U.S. President ever if he’s elected.  The reader is given insight into Mr. Trump’s narcissism as well as a contributing cause of his most ill-informed opinions:  A short attention span.

Important things have been written about the Trump candidacy, and why he’s getting support from voters who would ordinarily see problems with his grandiose, uncouth and genuinely inflammatory statements.  Jim Hightower has an excellent column in the July/August issue of The Progressive, and a link to the online edition of that piece is included on this page, too.

People who want to cast informed votes must have longer attention spans than that of the GOP nominee, and we must be ready to consider ideas and observations that make us uncomfortable.  It takes courage for Jim Hightower to admit there’s a compelling reason for this repulsive candidate being attractive to voters.  It isn’t a matter of being fair to the repulsive candidate.  Mr. Hightower’s column is fair because he recognizes disenfranchised individuals whose situations haven’t improved with the rest of the economy.  He understands that Donald Trump’s line of crap makes some of these people feel less invisible.

We should respect Jane Mayer and Jim Hightower for their longtime dedication to honesty in their work, and respect Tony Schwartz for cleaning up his act.


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