Private Trauma Made Public

The link at the end of this post goes to a discreet report on something which shouldn’t have been made public in the first place. It’s shared here as an example of a common-but-ethically-dubious human interest story.  Depending on who was driving the car pulled over by police, the child may be in a disastrous family situation.  The public sees something sweet, but the baby may be aware of a lot more.  And none of it is any of our business. Not every report of this type is discreet.  Sometimes names are made public, and the photographs and video can … Continue reading Private Trauma Made Public

When Weirdness Raises Questions

A political campaign office is now occupying the lobby of a decommissioned television station studio in San Francisco. This would be a non-issue if the TV station in question didn’t air a newscast. However, KRON has a News Department. Although the broadcaster’s operations have moved out of the studio on Van Ness Avenue, signs with the call letters are still on the outside of the building. Some passersby probably assume campaigning and news reporting are intermingling. However, anyone who walks by often enough should at least suspect the studio isn’t used by the station anymore. The lobby entrance was locked … Continue reading When Weirdness Raises Questions

Apple Device Security Alert

Although Apple’s representatives don’t comment on incidents under investigation (and they shouldn’t), the company has issued a security update after learning that a human rights activist’s phone data was compromised. Links to the USA Today report and Apple web page where you can find information on the iOS 9.3.5 update appear below.  The update is compatible with some other devices besides the iPhone, and those devices are listed on Apple’s page. I bought my iPhone earlier this month, and am still learning how to use it.  However, the instructions for installing the update are simple and I had no trouble.  If you … Continue reading Apple Device Security Alert

Attica, 1971

I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember the riot at Attica Prison in New York State. Adam Gopnik at The New Yorker has reviewed two books (one new, the other published five years ago) on the topic, and offers perspective on an issue which stirs up each person’s emotions differently.  Please consider reading this fairly long piece, and try to keep an open mind. Continue reading Attica, 1971

It’s All A Conspiracy!

I’ve been told this oddity is due to using the slo-mo setting on the new phone while recording video.  The subject is the fountain at Opera Plaza in San Francisco.  It’s an accident caused by inexperience, or so everyone says. Right.  Everyone.  I’ve shown the video to two people.  They both say I was the one who screwed up. If I ever catch the imp who messed with that fountain while I was recording…       Continue reading It’s All A Conspiracy!

Greetings From Smartphone Boot Camp

I’m learning how to use my first smartphone.  After twelve years of getting by with simple, pay-per-minute flip phones, I worked up the courage to take on the challenge. First, let’s not underestimate the determination of an electronic illiterate who buys and activates a cheap flip phone.  The decision was made in 2004 out of necessity, when both of my parents — who lived on the other side of the Bay Bridge — asked for a number where they could reach me in emergencies 24/7.  I gnashed my teeth and got that little monster working, although six months passed before … Continue reading Greetings From Smartphone Boot Camp