The Donald’s Announcement

I hope the mainstream media are emphasizing that Donald Trump’s VP Running Mate Announcement was scheduled as a news conference, not a campaign speech.  Journalists arrived with lists of questions they planned to ask, but those questions went to waste.

It was a campaign speech.  No questions allowed.  It was more about The Donald than Mike Pence, too, although if straightforward statements had been made about Governor Pence’s politics the speech may have been equally obnoxious.

I’m wondering how many Donald enthusiasts listened to that nonsense and felt confident they were supporting the right candidates.  We should also ask when support for a political movement stops being fueled primarily by ignorance and begins running on delusion.

What’s the real story with voters supporting a reactionary candidate who says outlandish things?  They probably start out as non-thinkers, but if they’re malleable personalities and seeking a leader with big stage presence, what happens when the followers go from being gullible to being brainwashed?  Emotionally needy people lose a little bit of themselves every time they hear a gratifying lie.

Donald Trump’s high-adrenaline speeches have been compared to Adolf Hitler’s rants.  He uses rage to stir up an audience while feeding them distorted information.

I feel disappointed when meeting an adult who claims to be a rote learning success story.  That adult will describe the sharp memorization skills developed over twelve years’ time in elementary and secondary school, and the high test scores and GPA that got him or her into the right college.

After hearing a description of this over-accelerated, robotic training, the conversation often moves in a juvenile direction.  The person with the impressive-sounding background will feel superior, especially after hearing I went to low-class schools and learned very little except when I was alone with a book.

The gaps in my history education can be embarrassing.  However, I believe I have learned substantial things from the (mostly self) education I’ve had.  Stuffed shirts can recite exact dates, and feel confident they know the root cause of historic events.  I usually forget the dates but try to learn more about the zeitgeist.

I’m wondering if these self-described geniuses who aced every academic test will ever be ready to question anything.  Their brains weren’t encouraged to develop a talent for critical thinking.

We blame some schools for low literacy rates, but what about schools that demand academic fireworks but produce people who read Ayn Rand and vote for Donald Trump?  If your education hasn’t made you a better thinker, you can’t justifiably brag about your credentials.

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