Kitty Genovese Documentary

This isn’t a review of a movie I’ve personally seen.  However, links to information on the documentary appear at the end of this post.

After Kitty Genovese was murdered in her Kew Gardens neighborhood in 1964, news outlets reported speculation on what happened during the attack.  The speculation was wrong, but it made a sensational story so it stayed in people’s memories.

In 2014, a book raised questions about things we’d assumed for years. Kitty Genovese: The Murder, The Bystanders, The Crime That Changed America by Kevin Cook offered a completely new perspective, and showed how the tragedy was exploited in ways that should horrify anyone with empathy.  One particular quote attributed to a newspaper journalist was an example of the reporter’s own family tragedy being projected on Miss Genovese’s misfortune, in the most reckless way possible.

Miss Genovese’s brother, Bill Genovese, spent eleven years researching and filming The Witness, to offer the public a realistic view of his sister’s life and her neighborhood.

A person’s life ended tragically when she was twenty-eight years old. She deserves to be remembered for something besides her death. Kevin Cook’s account was excellent, and personally I’m eager to see Mr. Genovese’s film.

Kitty Genovese’s killer, Winston Moseley, died in prison earlier this year.  He was eighty-one.

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