Pulse Club Shooting

We’re still waiting for news updates on the tragedy in Orlando, Florida.  However, it appears one person used an assault rifle to open fire on the Saturday night crowd in a gay club.

The person committing the shooting is thought to be a religious extremist.  The word “Muslim” is likely to be played up in the news, but the truth is any type of extreme thinking will interfere with reasoning and suppress a person’s empathy.  All extremism is dangerous because it prompts people to act on impulse.  It can take over everything inside a person’s head.

Donald Trump has gone on record as suggesting this tragedy proves him right about Muslims.  He’s full of it, and he’s encouraging the sort of emptiness which stimulates violent people.  He’s an extremist.

A suspect in this horrific attack has been named in news reports, but it’s still early in the investigation.  For the time being, I’ll leave that name out of any comments.

The person who did this believed he could act on a hateful urge by using a gun and shortening dozens of people’s lives.  He was right about that, and other people doing similar things have been proven right before him.  It’s a no-brainer, and that doesn’t change.

The person who did this also thought his actions would prove the people he killed or injured lacked dignity and basic morals.  He, and everyone else who has committed a hate crime, has been proven wrong about that.  Another no-brainer.  That doesn’t change, either.

This GoFundMe account, approved by Equality Florida, is available if you’d like to donate money to help:


Please forgive the amateurish photography.  Out of a sense of helplessness more than anything else, I wanted to post an image in support of the patrons and staff of Pulse.


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