Yes, Virginia

One of Casey Neistat’s recent vlogs brought to our attention that the N.Y.P.D. is now using Smart Cars.  He finds them ludicrous.

In case we lost you in that first paragraph, Smart Cars are plug-in electric compact models.  Really compact.  One power charge doesn’t last nearly as long as a tank of gas in a hybrid (or even a Crown Victoria), but I’m sure the N.Y.P.D. is using the cars for limited transportation, not high speed chases that end in Jersey City.

Here’s a photo, posted to Twitter on the account of one of the city’s precinct houses.

I’m typing the text of this blog post in fuchsia, hoping to curb (no pun intended) ridicule of the new car. My few experiences with the N.Y.P.D. have been positive, so I’m taking the fall for them.  Laugh at me all you want, but go easy on an agency’s efforts to reduce global warming.

OK, you can giggle a little.  No matter how we look at it, a little fart police car is a sight gag. 

NYPD Smart Car

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