Trumbo (Movie Review)

TRUMBO (2015) Directed by:  Jay Roach Starring:  Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren, Louis C.K., John Goodman Running Time:  124 Minutes Rated:  R Bruce Cook published his biography Dalton Trumbo in 1977.  Nearly forty years later, it was adapted for one of the finest Twentieth Century historical film accounts ever. The Red Scare was not Mid-Twentieth Century America’s finest hour.  Many of the people behind it were opportunists who knew better, and the general support it received was from an ignorant or intimidated public.  The communist witch hunt ruined careers and lives, and caused some people to expose weak aspects of their … Continue reading Trumbo (Movie Review)

When The N.Y. Post Is Right

This isn’t the existential crisis you might think.  The fact that The New York Post has issued a responsible online news story — on Page Six, no less — shouldn’t come as too big a shock.  It will happen every now and then.  Just don’t hold your breath during intervals. Cormac McCarthy is still with us.  Due to a social media hoax, for a short time some people thought he had passed.  When journalists learned Mr. McCarthy was still with us, Bryan Hood wrote an article which is better than a lot of things you see in The Post. I’ll include a … Continue reading When The N.Y. Post Is Right

The Squirrels Might Not Like This

I hope my social media pals using squirrel personae won’t take this personally. Some people like to feed the wildlife.  They have their reasons, most of which are noble.  However, we’re seeing bad outcomes.  Animals are getting more comfortable with humans, and some have been aggressive and injured people because they associate humans with food handouts. Recently, in Northern California, a child was attacked in a classroom by a squirrel who was running amok on campus.  If you’ve ever rented a cabin in the woods and been confronted indoors by the local fauna you’ve seen the consequences.  Animals also reproduce … Continue reading The Squirrels Might Not Like This

The Guilt Merry-Go-Round

Having an honorable life isn’t always easy when you buy used merchandise.  You don’t know where most of it came from, meaning you don’t know whether it was stolen before you got your hands on it. Some people look the other way — whether the goods are new or used — and refuse to pass up a bargain on something they want or need.  They may inspect the item and hope there are no bed bug eggs in it, but they don’t think about legal or ethical problems in the supply line.  They buy new items from the back of … Continue reading The Guilt Merry-Go-Round