Fun And Embarrassment With Names And The Alphabet

The last time I was in New York City, I brought home a MetroCard-themed mouse pad from the Transit Museum Store at Grand Central Terminal. I’ve been to New York only three times, and the most recent visit was in 2012.  Someone with that little exposure to Manhattan and the Outer Boroughs can’t speak with authority on all things NYC, but here’s one thing which should be emphasized before the subject changes too much: Grand Central Terminal is the correct name for the transit hub mentioned in the first paragraph.  Grand Central Station is the post office.  I have that … Continue reading Fun And Embarrassment With Names And The Alphabet

“Pet Friendly” Building In Manhattan Changes Policy

The news site dna info New York has posted a disturbing story about how a change in pet policy in a Midtown high rise is affecting dogs and their human guardians, including one expectant mother.  The article includes a petition, which I have signed.  The people circulating the petition seek five hundred signatures. According to the article, management hasn’t been clear about the reasons for this extreme change in attitude.  Is it due to a real or perceived safety problem?  The petition describes how the new policy creates hazards. Please take a look at the article and the petition, especially … Continue reading “Pet Friendly” Building In Manhattan Changes Policy

Allegory At Its Best

Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore By Dave Hill Memoir/Essays/Humor Blue Rider Press (Penguin) ISBN-13: 9780399166754 288 Pages $27.00 When — not if — you read Dave Hill’s new collection of essays, Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, be ready to get into your own head as well as Dave’s. I hope that doesn’t sound ominous.  The book is loaded with wild humor that allegedly prompted Dick Cavett’s neighbors to tell him to stop laughing so loudly. I interpreted Dick Cavett’s author blurb as a cautionary tale, and limited my reading to hours when the neighbors were awake.  Still, the man next … Continue reading Allegory At Its Best

Simplistic Republican Hogwash

Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and Fox News commentator, supports Donald Trump. Dr. Ablow has had a public profile of one type or another since the 1980s.  His first book, Medical School: Getting In, Staying In, Staying Human, was published in 1987.  He was twenty-six and old enough to be a med school graduate.  Just barely.  (Disclosure:  I’m falling back on Wikipedia for that information). Propeller beanie self-confidence is required to write any sort of advice book that early in one’s career (How many books on similar topics are written but not published?  A lot, I’ll bet).  Even if Dr. Ablow was a … Continue reading Simplistic Republican Hogwash