Recycling Bin Woes

I wish I could have a word with the anonymous person in my condo complex who left wide open bags of dog excrement in one of the recycling bins.  Someone must have mistaken it for a library book drop.

Earlier this month, I gave up my volunteer position of trash sorter. The job was overwhelming, and I wouldn’t have tried it in the first place if I hadn’t mistakenly thought I could handle it.  I did the same chore in a sliver building where I used to rent, and it was manageable.

The fact that the condo complex has five times as many units as the old building didn’t serve as a deterrent.  The current neighbors give the impression of being more responsible and better organized than my fellow tenants in the old building, so I figured even if there were several times as many people they wouldn’t make a bigger mess than the small group I used to live with.  That was the theory.

Theory and practice are not one and the same.

Some of the condo residents are making the effort to stay informed and show courtesy.  I discovered the dog crap for the first time today, while discarding my own recyclables.  All of the poop bags were in one space in one bin, so even though the bags were different colors it’s likely only one culprit was involved.

I removed the bags of feces, put them into the landfill trash bin and alerted people who, like me, have no idea how to get this shit (pardon the pun) stopped.

At the beginning of this post, I said I wish I could have a word with the guilty party.  Just one word:


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