A Crude Victim

I don’t like calling myself a victim, mainly because I can always count on someone who is obsessed with personal responsibility explaining why I’m not a victim.  Then Mr. or Ms. Responsibility reminds me that his or her life is much worse.

Now to the incident with the SPRAY CHEESE.

Sorry.  A few days ago I learned how to manipulate the text color on my blog, so the color function is a new toy.

What happened with the weird cheese wasn’t that serious.  However, at the time it was horrifying, and it’s likely to leave some emotional scars.  Okay, I also laughed.  You would have, too.  The sound was the type of thing that brings out the four year-old in all of us.

You’ve probably been through similar things.  Maybe your tormentor was a Slurpee machine.  7-Eleven has domed lids to minimize the risk, though.  With spray cheese, we’re on our own.

We can be cautious enough to hold the can and Woven Wheat (to use a generic name) in the sink, to form a protective shield.  That doesn’t change the sound of the occasional eruption, but at least the sink is easy to clean and most of the time the room doesn’t end up looking like a modern art project.

I did not use that caution.  I made this snack using the same method and location as always.  I’m a creature of habit.

There must have been a huge air bubble in the line, because oily orange “food” shot three feet across the room before hitting the wall with a SPLAT.

I reached for a facial tissue.  Got right on top of it, and after a couple of minutes felt satisfied there was no residual orange stain on the wall.

Later, I returned to the scene of the crime.  Damn.  The mess wasn’t resolved the first time.  Some of it was on the shower curtain.  A little was on the bath mat.

From now on, the spray cheese and wafer snack will be prepared in the sink.  Even if some of the cheese goes into the air like a July 4 firework, the toothbrush is easily washable.  Wish me luck with the ceiling.

Hey, we all learn through experience.  One thing I’ve learned is I am indeed a VICTIM, who can’t stop fiddling with the arty-farty tools in my blog account.

Sincerely Yours,


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