The Jesus Cow (Book Review)


The Jesus Cow

By Michael Perry


Harper Perennial

$14.95 Trade Paper

ISBN -13:  9780062289988

I’m embarrassed to say I almost gave up on this book early.  At the beginning, it resembled Carl Hiaasen’s fiction, and I burned out on Carl Hiaasen novels a few years ago because they were getting repetitive.

Please don’t get the wrong impression.  Carl Hiaasen has a lot to offer, in both his fiction and nonfiction writing.  Personally, I just reached my limit.

Michael Perry’s recent novel, The Jesus Cow, is an original.  The author explores different levels of Christian spirituality, and how they reflect on the community and the individual.

The story, set in rural Wisconsin, centers on a calf with an unusual trait which makes him the object of public curiosity.  It’s an uproariously funny read, and can be enjoyed by people with or without an interest in religion.  Readers also have the option of exploring the book’s more serious character study or ignoring it in favor of entertainment (I hope you’ll do the former, but it’s up to you).

I won’t offer more details.  Just read this book, okay?


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