“Pet Friendly” Building In Manhattan Changes Policy

The news site dna info New York has posted a disturbing story about how a change in pet policy in a Midtown high rise is affecting dogs and their human guardians, including one expectant mother.  The article includes a Change.org petition, which I have signed.  The people circulating the petition seek five hundred signatures.

According to the article, management hasn’t been clear about the reasons for this extreme change in attitude.  Is it due to a real or perceived safety problem?  The Change.org petition describes how the new policy creates hazards.

Please take a look at the article and the petition, especially if you live in New York City.  I don’t know if my signature has any impact because I live in San Francisco, and I hope my one action toward the goal of five hundred signers hasn’t lessened the impact of the petition.

If you have friends or family in New York, please share the dna info article with them.  Personally, I’ll copy and paste the URL.  The copy and paste method is good to fall back on when a public web page doesn’t have quite enough options for you to share by clicking the existing buttons.



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