Simplistic Republican Hogwash

Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and Fox News commentator, supports Donald Trump.

Dr. Ablow has had a public profile of one type or another since the 1980s.  His first book, Medical School: Getting In, Staying In, Staying Human, was published in 1987.  He was twenty-six and old enough to be a med school graduate.  Just barely.  (Disclosure:  I’m falling back on Wikipedia for that information).

Propeller beanie self-confidence is required to write any sort of advice book that early in one’s career (How many books on similar topics are written but not published?  A lot, I’ll bet).  Even if Dr. Ablow was a medical school graduate by then, he’d barely had time to reflect on his past experience in school before going on record advising others.  Perspective changes over time, and I’m guessing a helpful book on that topic is written by someone who has had a chance to think about his personal history.

I probably shouldn’t say anything else about Keith Ablow’s first book. I haven’t read it, and I’d never even heard of it before going to the Wikipedia page.

I’ve read one book by Dr. Ablow.  Inside The Mind Of Casey Anthony was a sensational true crime account, loaded with speculation and lewd gossip.  Dr. Ablow gave the book imaginary credibility by presenting hearsay as fact and then describing how he would have intervened to prevent tragedy.  I could have sworn the book was written by a much younger person who thought he knew everything, but the author was about fifty.

Inside The Mind Of Casey Anthony was an example of the author’s narcissistic, emotionally needy manipulation of readers, at the expense of Caylee Anthony, a murdered child.  Sadly, Fox News viewers who read it probably felt grateful Caylee had a big strong man — a psychiatrist — to stand up for her.

Earlier this week, Dr. Ablow offered his so-called expert opinion on why Donald Trump is qualified to be president.  He was grasping at straws, but as long as he has the attention of gullible right-wing followers he has a free pass.  Here’s a link to a text edition of his commentary:


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