Common Courtesy. Or Is It Basic Responsibility? Could Be Both.

Presently, I’m reading a library book.  You don’t have to know the title. It isn’t a terribly enlightening book, but I’ve learned one thing: A previous reader likes to eat while reading. It isn’t a children’s book.  The culprit was likely old enough to know better. When you borrow any book, be ready to take more precautions than you would with a damaged paperback you buy at a garage sale. Whether or not the next reader knows who you are, your treatment of that book reflects on your respect for others. This rule applies to anything you borrow, but you … Continue reading Common Courtesy. Or Is It Basic Responsibility? Could Be Both.

Gun Fanatics

Gun Fanatics tend to be naive.  Or Unstable.  Or both. Occasionally I see an online comment from someone who says, in effect, “I arm my children, and I teach them to shoot first and ask questions later.  My family isn’t safe in our home as long as there are (homophobic epithet), (racist epithet), (Islamophobic epithet), (sexist epithet) and other criminals in our midst.” I have just one question for these people:  You keep a chamber pot next to the bed, don’t you?  You sure as hell can’t get up in the middle of the night and walk to the bathroom. … Continue reading Gun Fanatics

Recycling Bin Woes

I wish I could have a word with the anonymous person in my condo complex who left wide open bags of dog excrement in one of the recycling bins.  Someone must have mistaken it for a library book drop. Earlier this month, I gave up my volunteer position of trash sorter. The job was overwhelming, and I wouldn’t have tried it in the first place if I hadn’t mistakenly thought I could handle it.  I did the same chore in a sliver building where I used to rent, and it was manageable. The fact that the condo complex has five … Continue reading Recycling Bin Woes

Cloak And Dagger Campaigning

In case you haven’t opened the May 30, 2016 issue of The New Yorker yet, please look for an excellent article by Jane Mayer titled Sting Of Myself. We’ve read about political traps and propaganda, overseen by groups that don’t have to disclose what they’re up to.  Ms. Mayer’s article (about four and a half print pages long) describes how these dirty tricks work, and how some of them don’t work.  When a scheme doesn’t work, it can resemble someone slipping on a banana peel. The article is available online, with no pay wall.  Here’s the link: Continue reading Cloak And Dagger Campaigning

A Crude Victim

I don’t like calling myself a victim, mainly because I can always count on someone who is obsessed with personal responsibility explaining why I’m not a victim.  Then Mr. or Ms. Responsibility reminds me that his or her life is much worse. Now to the incident with the SPRAY CHEESE. Sorry.  A few days ago I learned how to manipulate the text color on my blog, so the color function is a new toy. What happened with the weird cheese wasn’t that serious.  However, at the time it was horrifying, and it’s likely to leave some emotional scars.  Okay, I also laughed.  You … Continue reading A Crude Victim

The Jesus Cow (Book Review)

The Jesus Cow By Michael Perry Fiction Harper Perennial $14.95 Trade Paper ISBN -13:  9780062289988 I’m embarrassed to say I almost gave up on this book early.  At the beginning, it resembled Carl Hiaasen’s fiction, and I burned out on Carl Hiaasen novels a few years ago because they were getting repetitive. Please don’t get the wrong impression.  Carl Hiaasen has a lot to offer, in both his fiction and nonfiction writing.  Personally, I just reached my limit. Michael Perry’s recent novel, The Jesus Cow, is an original.  The author explores different levels of Christian spirituality, and how they reflect on … Continue reading The Jesus Cow (Book Review)

Uneven Playing Field For Polite People — Solved! Well, Maybe

When some self loving, self loathing individual has caused you great offense, you need a snappy comeback.  This can be especially difficult when you have standards which the self loving, self loathing person lacks. Forget the hold-your-head-high-and-preserve-your-dignity-by-staying-silent cliche.  Often, that just causes you to implode, and you know it.  You’ve been there.  You don’t deserve the headache, clenching of teeth, temptation to binge on Little Debbie treats or any of that other stuff you do when you are forced to turn disgust inward. I feel your pain.  We are kindred spirits. Clarification:  No, this isn’t an appeal for money.  Right … Continue reading Uneven Playing Field For Polite People — Solved! Well, Maybe