I’m Part Irish. Get Over It.

This blog post would get tedious if I tried to explain why the topic arose this morning.  It was one of those stream of consciousness things which makes sense to the person experiencing it, but causes yawning fits for everyone else. I hope that first paragraph caused you to yawn.  I’m a control freak that way. My family had some issues with history and our own ethnicity.  In case you’re wondering, Helen Christie is a pseudonym for an even more British-sounding name.  My father’s side of the family acknowledged only the British in their bloodline.  On the rare occasions when … Continue reading I’m Part Irish. Get Over It.

Book Review: Cleaning Up New York

Cleaning Up New York By Bob Rosenthal $12.95 Paperback Published By The Little Bookroom 73 Pages ISBN-13:  9781936941131 Forty years ago, a small publisher called Angel Hair Press printed 750 copies of a memoir titled Cleaning Up New York.  Personally, I heard nothing about it at the time, but now the book is being reissued by The Little Bookroom and it’s referred to as “The 70s Cult Classic.” Cleaning Up New York is Bob Rosenthal’s account of working as a professional housecleaner, partly for the modest income, and partly for the dope he kept finding in strangers’ homes.  The author also got to … Continue reading Book Review: Cleaning Up New York

Dick Cavett Hits A Home Run

The book review I was planning for today’s blog post can wait. On April 15, an excellent opinion piece was posted on The New York Times site.  I missed it until today, when a public figure I follow on Facebook shared it on his Timeline.  God bless him. Most intelligent people can see there are serious problems with Donald Trump’s candidacy.  Not all of those intelligent people know how to pinpoint the problems and describe them, though. Dick Cavett has done a first rate job of explaining why Donald Trump isn’t a leader.  Read his column slowly, carefully and without distractions.  When you find … Continue reading Dick Cavett Hits A Home Run

Something Going Around

When I got a flu shot late last year, I was told it covered three strains. Planning the seasonal flu vaccine is an inexact science.  Researchers look at data from previous years, and try to predict how the viruses will mutate.  The vaccine always misses something, but during a good year it misses something mild. I haven’t been following influenza news, but I’m led to believe this hasn’t been a bad season for people who are vaccinated. Currently, I’m getting over a respiratory virus which may be a mild flu.  I avoided contact with other people until the fever passed … Continue reading Something Going Around

R.I.P. Arthur Anderson, Voice Of Lucky Charms Leprechaun

Please forgive the misused apostrophe in the Pix 11 news article. Maybe they’ll correct it before you click the link, so I’ll just look foolish. What got my attention was something on Mr. Anderson’s resume. Besides his vocal work on a children’s breakfast cereal commercial, he had a supporting role in the movie adaptation of James Leo Herlihy’s controversial novel Midnight Cowboy.  He continued to provide the leprechaun’s voice after that, so it must have been okay. I was reminded of a more extreme example which caused an actress to lose an endorsement contract.  In the early 1970s, a picture of … Continue reading R.I.P. Arthur Anderson, Voice Of Lucky Charms Leprechaun