A Lonely Vigil

Learning the release date for a book several months in advance is always stressful.  That’s true if it’s a book you want to read, anyway.

I want to read Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, the upcoming collection of essays by Musician/Comedian/Man About Town Dave Hill.

Dave has a gift for being humorous and touching at the same time, and delicate personal issues find their way into his work.  I recall one video in which he made a night club audience gasp with an apparently insensitive remark about a terminally ill family member. By the time the monologue was over, he had won back the audience because it was clear what he was really saying.

Always give Dave’s humor a chance.  Like any fine comedian, he has an often-subtle sense of horror.  You can laugh at most of his sight gags without thinking too hard, but you’d better listen carefully when he speaks or you’ll miss some of it.  Well, you’ll still laugh, but…

The book in question will be out May 10, and the dates and locations for the author’s tour have been posted on Facebook.  Here are a couple of screenshots, for anyone who is as excited as I am.  At this time, no visits to the San Francisco Bay Area are scheduled, but he’ll be in L.A.  You might need to adjust the zoom feature on your browser to read the text.

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