Social Media Users Nail It Again

Presently, the easiest way for a Republican fearmonger to get applause from his or her constituents is to talk about who should be allowed to use which public restrooms.  Transphobia is an easy shortcut for pandering to people’s ignorance and impressing anyone who hasn’t had much experience with life.  The public is getting stirred up by the misinformation, to the point where some Target customers are holding a boycott because the company isn’t buying into transphobic restroom policies.

We can be grateful to transgender people and their supporters who have taken on the huge responsibility of trying to educate the public. They’re addressing a delicate topic, and often they’re met with hostility.

The transgender population isn’t the only segment of society to suffer persecution, and they aren’t the first group of people to see things get even nastier after speaking up and saying, in effect, “We’re human.”  At least temporarily, trying to correct an injustice can escalate the situation.  Letting the injustice go unchecked isn’t the answer, though.  Someone has to get moving, or there’s no progress. We’ve learned that from many separate civil rights movements.

On a slightly (only slightly) less serious angle, we should acknowledge enlightened social media users who are handy with a meme or a 140-character-or-fewer text argument.  Many of those memes and Twitter posts are bringing out the absurdity behind the obsessive fear.  Here are two screenshots of fine examples, one from Twitter and the other from Facebook.


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