Something Going Around

When I got a flu shot late last year, I was told it covered three strains.

Planning the seasonal flu vaccine is an inexact science.  Researchers look at data from previous years, and try to predict how the viruses will mutate.  The vaccine always misses something, but during a good year it misses something mild.

I haven’t been following influenza news, but I’m led to believe this hasn’t been a bad season for people who are vaccinated.

Currently, I’m getting over a respiratory virus which may be a mild flu.  I avoided contact with other people until the fever passed and the other symptoms lessened, and now that I’m apparently beyond the contagious stage I’m back to the meticulous efforts that no one appreciates.  To hell with all of them.

Three days ago I was on the subway, sharing a row of seats with someone who still had severe nasal symptoms.  I won’t judge him for riding the subway because he may be one of those people whose boss goes apeshit whenever anyone calls in sick.  Besides, he may have been past the contagious part of it.

My issue with my fellow passenger was the indiscreet way he blew his nose.

Oh, heck.  I’ll just try to forget it.  It’d be awful to let some small thing like that cause an aversion to spray cheese.

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