R.I.P. Arthur Anderson, Voice Of Lucky Charms Leprechaun

Please forgive the misused apostrophe in the Pix 11 news article. Maybe they’ll correct it before you click the link, so I’ll just look foolish.

What got my attention was something on Mr. Anderson’s resume. Besides his vocal work on a children’s breakfast cereal commercial, he had a supporting role in the movie adaptation of James Leo Herlihy’s controversial novel Midnight Cowboy.  He continued to provide the leprechaun’s voice after that, so it must have been okay.

I was reminded of a more extreme example which caused an actress to lose an endorsement contract.  In the early 1970s, a picture of a wholesome-looking Marilyn Chambers holding a baby appeared on boxes of Ivory Snow.  When the porn film Behind The Green Door was released, her image changed permanently and the executives at Proctor and Gamble decided Ms. Chambers wasn’t the laundry soap type after all.

A Marilyn Chambers box of Ivory Snow sat next to my family’s clotheswasher for a few years.  My mother used detergent for most things, so laundry soap lasted a long time.

When the box was finally empty (or the contents got all icky from being stored in a humid place for way too long), my mother quietly crushed the box and put it in the trash.

“But, Mom, there are collectible stores that could have sold it on consignment!” I told her.  Maybe even with hardened soap.  Maybe even with mold.  Some of those stores will sell anything if it’s freaky enough.

My mother, a hoarder, realized her mistake immediately.  If she had remembered the absurd celebrity scandal, that box would have added to the pile-up inside our home.  She wouldn’t have agreed to sell it, though.  Maybe in the long run we were better off with the box going into the trash.

A supporting role in a controversial-but-legitimate film doesn’t stand out the way real porn does.  Evidently, Mr. Anderson didn’t lose his cereal endorsement contract over his more serious work in a film which some people mistakenly dismissed as porn.

Fun Fact:  Early in his career, 2015 Lead Actor Academy Award nominee Bryan Cranston acted in a Preparation H commercial.  But I digress.

Arthur Anderson, voice of Lucky Charms leprechaun, dies at 93

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