Bring Your Own Bag To The Store

I admit that on most days I’m less overwhelmed than a lot of people. Uh, sort of.  Wait.  Scratch that.  Then again, don’t.  Whatever. What I’m trying to say is, usually, I remember to do the picky little things that we tend to forget when we’re already multi-tasking. I carry a canvas grocery bag — sometimes more than one, in different sizes — in my purse.  The purse is big, and as a general rule I don’t go into stores where they expect us to leave large purses with the staff. So, this particular system works for me but maybe … Continue reading Bring Your Own Bag To The Store

Donate New Shoes?

Earlier this month, I had a not-unheard-of experience with an online transaction.  The athletic shoes I ordered were the right style, but a few sizes too small.  Major warehouse fail. The shoes are neither cheap nor terribly expensive.  I decided against sending them back to ask for a replacement because there are options for donating new shoes.  Just between us, I also assumed donating them would be easier than sending them back.  I can be such a naive little creature. Thrift shops are the most convenient answer, but I also thought of real-life horror stories of patients being released from … Continue reading Donate New Shoes?

A Lonely Vigil

Learning the release date for a book several months in advance is always stressful.  That’s true if it’s a book you want to read, anyway. I want to read Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, the upcoming collection of essays by Musician/Comedian/Man About Town Dave Hill. Dave has a gift for being humorous and touching at the same time, and delicate personal issues find their way into his work.  I recall one video in which he made a night club audience gasp with an apparently insensitive remark about a terminally ill family member. By the time the monologue was over, he had … Continue reading A Lonely Vigil

Replace The Smoke Alarm Battery

I don’t have a consistent day job, but somehow stay so busy I’m ready to fall asleep on my feet most of the time.  That’s what makes the insomnia so puzzling. Much of the demanding physical work is on a volunteer basis, and others benefit as much as I do.  Whether many of them appreciate it is another question.  This morning I received two e-mails from neighbors in my building who understand the demands of sorting recyclables and cutting cardboard before they’re picked up, and a few other people have said nice things, too. Yesterday, I decided to do something … Continue reading Replace The Smoke Alarm Battery

Social Media Users Nail It Again

Presently, the easiest way for a Republican fearmonger to get applause from his or her constituents is to talk about who should be allowed to use which public restrooms.  Transphobia is an easy shortcut for pandering to people’s ignorance and impressing anyone who hasn’t had much experience with life.  The public is getting stirred up by the misinformation, to the point where some Target customers are holding a boycott because the company isn’t buying into transphobic restroom policies. We can be grateful to transgender people and their supporters who have taken on the huge responsibility of trying to educate the … Continue reading Social Media Users Nail It Again

Tasteful Nudes

Dave Hill’s new collection of humorous essays, Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, will be released in hardcover on May 10.  I’ve pre-ordered my copy from an indie bookseller in San Francisco. In case you aren’t aware of Dave’s history as a humor writer, his first book is available in paperback.  Here’s a promotional video, but I’ll have to be honest and say I don’t recall sheep in the book.  He wrote about living at the Chelsea Hotel, though. Continue reading Tasteful Nudes

This Is A Good Time To Become A Picky Reader

Presently, I have a tablet subscription to New York magazine. That isn’t to be confused with The New Yorker.  New York is an entertainment-based publication with some good articles on NYC government and neighborhood issues. A number of years ago, my mother and I were on the telephone when she told me Heath Ledger had passed. “Who’s that?” I asked. My mother wasn’t expecting that response, but seriously, I don’t see enough recent movies to keep track of very many actors. (One of the business card printings for promoting the blog says movies are among the blog topics. Well, there are a … Continue reading This Is A Good Time To Become A Picky Reader

Puddin’ And Prince

Yesterday, a touching cartoon drawing tribute to Prince was shared on this blog site. Here’s one more.  We don’t hear from Puddin’ too often these days, but he’s ready to step up to the plate when there’s something important to say.  has more Pug-themed comic panels, including Puddin’s tribute to David Bowie. Puddin’ is drawn by Jake Barlow. Continue reading Puddin’ And Prince

I’m Part Irish. Get Over It.

This blog post would get tedious if I tried to explain why the topic arose this morning.  It was one of those stream of consciousness things which makes sense to the person experiencing it, but causes yawning fits for everyone else. I hope that first paragraph caused you to yawn.  I’m a control freak that way. My family had some issues with history and our own ethnicity.  In case you’re wondering, Helen Christie is a pseudonym for an even more British-sounding name.  My father’s side of the family acknowledged only the British in their bloodline.  On the rare occasions when … Continue reading I’m Part Irish. Get Over It.