Kitchen Fire At Grand Central Reasturant

Earlier today, a fire broke out at Junior’s Restaurant on the lower level of Grand Central Terminal.  The FDNY responded and extinguished the fire promptly, before it could cause extensive damage.  According to DNAinfo, no injuries were reported. At the time, there was special concern because of the attacks in Brussels, Belgium, but by all indications the fire at Junior’s was accidental. Some people in Midtown took photographs and recorded video which were uploaded to the DNAinfo website.  Here’s a link to the article: Continue reading Kitchen Fire At Grand Central Reasturant

James Patterson’s New Book Plans

James Patterson, one of the United States’ bestselling novelists, has a new agreement with Hachette Book Group.  Soon, we’ll be seeing pop novellas at store checkstands next to the snack foods, and please don’t scoff. When I’m in the right mood, I enjoy reading Mr. Patterson’s books. At home, there are always a couple of them within reach when the mood hits, and most of us can count on airport shops having paperback editions in stock when we’re getting ready to board a long flight. Mr. Patterson’s fiction is ideal for times when we want print entertainment which isn’t too … Continue reading James Patterson’s New Book Plans

Clutter And Responsible Spring Cleaning

Officially, spring begins this weekend. Look around your home.  Is there some clutter you’d like to get rid of?  Most people prefer not to answer that question, but I feel as if I know you well enough… In the past week, I have donated books and clothing, and found some worn out clothing that can go into a textiles bin.  So far, nothing which has been sitting around the apartment has gone into landfill, but I’ll forgive myself if that becomes necessary. Until recently, a lot of us didn’t bother to sort anything we wanted to be rid of.  Concern … Continue reading Clutter And Responsible Spring Cleaning

David Remnick’s Comment On Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Missed

This morning I finally got started reading last week’s issue of The New Yorker. If you’re only one week behind on your reading, count your blessings. I have unread copies of The New Yorker, The New York Review Of Books and The Progressive which go back months — or years.  You don’t even want to know about the books, most of which are stored in boxes and an e-reader. Note: The home organizer mentality is not completely absent.  Instead of a regular bed, a futon is positioned on top of several large boxes of books.  This isn’t recommended for everyone, but it’s an idea. … Continue reading David Remnick’s Comment On Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Missed

Books Inc. In The Castro Will Close In June

The following blog post has been edited and updated to include information I received after the March 16 posting.  Some sentences have also been rewritten for clarification.  This particular post is longer than most on this blog site, so I hope you will be patient.  There’s an important bit of LGBT history behind the story, and we should respect that. The Castro District’s last general bookstore, Books Inc. at 2275 Market Street, has lost its lease and will close in mid-June.  Links to three online articles appear at the end of this post. Sadly, the deck was stacked against this Books Inc. … Continue reading Books Inc. In The Castro Will Close In June

Occupational Safety Hazards

Earlier this month, I embarked (love that word!) on a difficult, frustrating volunteer project which I thought I’d be committed to for as long as I live in my condominium.  It was a tall order because I expect to be here for as long as I’m capable of living independently. It was awkward to imagine doing such heavy work at age eighty, but that was the plan. Now my ambition is history.  I was sifting through recyclables and compostables which my neighbors had failed to sort properly, and in complete modesty I have to say I was doing a rip-roaring … Continue reading Occupational Safety Hazards

Travel Dream/Nightmare?

Flashback to a few years ago: After sitting up on a red eye flight, I checked into a hotel room which had complimentary earplugs.  There was a good reason for the room to have that particular perk, too. Never fear.  I maintained my dignity.  In spite of all of the noise coming from outside, I held the quietest pity party ever.  Didn’t touch anything in the minibar, either. Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the production of the video.  It’s shared in this post because most of us can identify. Continue reading Travel Dream/Nightmare?

After The Storm — Figuratively Speaking

Against all reasonable expectations, yesterday ended on a positive note. After getting caught in a cloud burst, dropping my wallet in the rain, having a new umbrella break and dealing with other annoyances which can drive a person completely batshit, I decided to install a computer printer. I am electronically challenged.  There.  I said it.  The printer in question was delivered in November, and until late yesterday afternoon it remained in the unopened shipping box.  Sealed. Nothing was getting in or out.  The box was in a conspicuous place in my apartment, so I could see it daily and feel … Continue reading After The Storm — Figuratively Speaking