David Remnick’s Comment On Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Missed

This morning I finally got started reading last week’s issue of The New Yorker.

If you’re only one week behind on your reading, count your blessings. I have unread copies of The New Yorker, The New York Review Of Books and The Progressive which go back months — or years.  You don’t even want to know about the books, most of which are stored in boxes and an e-reader.

Note: The home organizer mentality is not completely absent.  Instead of a regular bed, a futon is positioned on top of several large boxes of books.  This isn’t recommended for everyone, but it’s an idea.

I refuse to let magazine subscriptions expire because the thought of missing something scares me.  We miss a lot when we can’t find enough time for reading, though, and if reading material keeps accumulating in our homes we risk turning into hoarders.

Periodically, I sift through magazines, books and other things, and part with some of them to restore space in the apartment.  Today a few old tee shirts which are still in excellent condition will be dropped off at a thrift store, and the worn out ones will go into a textiles recycling bin.  Yesterday, some books were donated.

Please wait while I get back on-topic.  This post was meant to be about David Remnick’s New Yorker essay on Donald Trump’s dubious appeal, but it wandered to something else as soon as I started typing. I’ve been told hoarders do that.  It’s part of the fear of missing something.

Mr. Remnick’s Talk Of The Town piece from last week begins the way a lot of moderate/liberal opinions on Trump open.  However, if you’re patient enough and keep reading, you’ll see he’s bringing up important points that we don’t hear often enough.

Here’s a link to the essay:


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