Either You Get It Or You Don’t. Don’t Ask Anyone To Explain.

During the past few years, I’ve lived in a dog-friendly condo building. About half of the units — including mine — are studios, so pocket-sized dogs are popular.

The Homeowner Association official who taught me how to deal with some of the intricacies of living here has a Chihuahua.  It’s weird how I didn’t know how much I loved Chihuahuas until I got to know one of the little dogs, so if you still aren’t aware of how much you love the breed please keep an open mind.

Chihuahuas — and dogs in general — are masters of unintended humor, but I never laugh at them.  When appropriate, I laugh with them, which gets confusing for the dogs because they have no sense of humor.

One of Dave Hill’s best absurdist videos stars a Chihuahua.  It’s impressive that Dave doesn’t mind being reduced to a supporting role.  Maybe that’s what separates a real artist from a narcissist.

Not everyone who commented on the YouTube page had the right feel for the humor or the sweetness of this video.  Personally, I enjoyed the Everyman/Everydog angle.  Whatever.

The video post includes a link to Waggytail Rescue.  I’ll copy and past it here, too.


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