But What About Magnets?

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How many people do you know who haven’t let fear of some kind interfere with their lives?

That question is actually meant as a defense.  Today I did something I’ve spent the past two years stupidly trying not to do, and soon perishable foods will be stored in my apartment once again.  There might even be an acceptable way to display the magnet collection.

This isn’t as simple as it sounds.

For two years, I’ve had a non-working refrigerator in my apartment. It hasn’t been a major hardship, but adapting to the situation has been time-consuming and expensive.  The nearest produce store isn’t close by, so I’ve gotten into a bad habit of buying take-out vegie dishes from a restaurant a few blocks away.  When there’s time, I go on an urban hike to a store where the vegies sell fast enough that they aren’t too rubbery.  Never mind what a squishy carrot or zucchini reminds me of.

Most people’s eating habits suffer if they stop using a refrigerator. Mine haven’t.  Planning a nutritious meal has turned into a royal pain in the tailfeathers, though.  No one should have to cross the street in the Civic Center area of Downtown San Francisco just to buy food for one meal.  It can shorten a person’s lifespan.

In theory, at practically any time in the past twenty-four months I could have hired someone to visit the apartment and make a repair. However, past experiences with weird neighbors and contractors in a building where I used to live made me uneasy about allowing strangers into my home.  I’ve made exceptions for people who have worked on the internet connection and the clothes washer, but the refrigerator seemed less urgent.

I didn’t feel safe hiring someone to fix the large appliance, but I was willing to brave Civic Center traffic without a stunt double.  Defies all logic, doesn’t it?

Today, disgust got the best of me.  I went online, chose a cheap office/hotel room refrigerator (with no freezer) and ordered it.  The 22 pound semi-large appliance will be delivered sometime next week, and I can sign for it in the lobby.  No need to let any strangers into the apartment.  There’s a space for it near a power outlet.

Soon I’ll find out if the outside of the new refrigerator holds magnets. The full-sized stainless steel monster that’s been idle since early 2014 let me down in that regard, and the images you see at the top of this post are of magnets which have been on the edge of a glass-top, steel coffee table.  I’m not bitter, though.  Well, maybe a little.

If this post hasn’t bored you too much and you have a Kindle reader — or the free Kindle app, compatible with most devices — maybe you’d like to order the novella listed on the lower magnet image. Whatever.  I’ve been told it’s a good read.

Update, March 11, 2016:  The refrigerator was delivered yesterday, and it’s up and running.  A minor disclaimer in the owner’s manual says the appliance’s lowest temperature is just a few degrees above the FDA-recommended temperature for perishable foods.  Welcome to my world.

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