Book Review: Talk Talk by T. C. Boyle

talk talk cover

Talk Talk

By T. C. Boyle

Penguin Paperback

Copyright 2006

ISBN-13:  9780143112150


If you’re interested in fine fiction about the distance between people and aren’t tempted to reread Silas Marner, I recommend the 2006 novel Talk Talk by T. C. Boyle.

“Identity Theft” is one of the topics listed in the cataloguing information for this book.  While identity theft is a central theme, the story is more than a suspense novel.  On different levels, T. C. Boyle encourages readers to consider the ways we relate to others and view ourselves.

This is the first book by Mr. Boyle I’ve read.  He uses big, obscure words when small, everyday words are a better fit.  The issues with his writing style can be disruptive, especially if you insist on looking up every word you don’t know.  He also uses parentheses more often than he should.  In fiction, parentheses serve as a shortcut when an author decides to explain a situation which should be shown rather than told.  Parentheses may be necessary when a novelist has a publishing contract with a deadline, so we shouldn’t judge.  They are a weakness, though.

I won’t say anything else about this book, so it will feel fresh if you decide to read it.  Even with the flaws, it’s worth your time.

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