Cat Safety During Winter

I don’t “get” cats.  I’m also mildly allergic to their dander.  However, I can be patient with them.  Although they don’t appreciate it, I stop by an apartment in my building to care for two cats when their human parent is away. Today a post appeared on Twitter which should make us think.  I’ll just leave you with this screenshot, and hope you remember to follow the advice.  If you’re on Twitter, please consider retweeting the original post by @Elverojaguar. Continue reading Cat Safety During Winter

Statement By Naghmeh Adedini Doesn’t Belong On CNN

Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements made in this post are based on personal observations which I share with many people. We should feel grateful anytime a U.S. citizen is released from an Iranian prison. That first sentence may seem like a no-brainer, but in the case of one of the prisoners released last week it’s necessary for maintaining perspective. Naghmeh Adedini, the wife of one of the former prisoners, Saeed Adedini, has gone public with disturbing information.  It’s delicate, and some media outlets are too tempted by a shocking story to think of the consequences … Continue reading Statement By Naghmeh Adedini Doesn’t Belong On CNN

Image On Kibble Bag Traumatizes Local Dog

Yesterday, one of my social media pals shared the link which appears at the end of this post.  It reminds me of my teen years during the 1970s, when I read Cosmopolitan and decided I was a wallflower.  In spite of the cheerleading tone of the advice in that fine publication, I knew I’d never measure up to the standard. Read whatever you want into the “measure up” expression.  Just don’t read too much into the wallflower thing.  There were plenty of men who were interested in me, and at least a few men whom I found attractive.  There just weren’t … Continue reading Image On Kibble Bag Traumatizes Local Dog

A Wisconsin Midwife’s View Of Sweden

If you have a chance, I recommend reading an article titled Welcome To Sweden: Notes on Birthday Condoms, Home Abortions, And Hysterical Americans in the December 2015/January 2016 issue of The Progressive.  A link to an online edition of the article appears at the end of this post. If you read the article, read it in its entirety.  The author, Ingrid Andersson, acknowledges that although she agrees with Sweden’s liberal government policies and society standards, she has issues with more concrete practices which seem backward in comparison. The locals defend those practices by saying, “The rules are the rules.” While it’s unclear how … Continue reading A Wisconsin Midwife’s View Of Sweden