Statement By Naghmeh Adedini Doesn’t Belong On CNN

Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements made in this post are based on personal observations which I share with many people.

We should feel grateful anytime a U.S. citizen is released from an Iranian prison.

That first sentence may seem like a no-brainer, but in the case of one of the prisoners released last week it’s necessary for maintaining perspective.

Naghmeh Adedini, the wife of one of the former prisoners, Saeed Adedini, has gone public with disturbing information.  It’s delicate, and some media outlets are too tempted by a shocking story to think of the consequences for others.  A magazine which imprudently printed her e-mails is also mentioned in the CNN story (location interview source: KIVI).

According to Mrs. Adedini, her husband has been abusive with her. She has also made the predictable and sad claim that she and her husband can resolve that problem.

I’ll share a link to the CNN video for documentation only.  It’s out there already and the damage has been done, so sharing the page isn’t going to make it worse.

A person who allegedly has been violent with his spouse will be reunited with her and their children within the next few days.  His wife is eager to welcome him back into their home, and she says their children are expecting him.

Saeed Adedini was convicted of teaching Christianity in a country where Christianity is forbidden.  He isn’t the first person to engage in that reckless behavior, and although we shouldn’t suggest he deserved prison time in Iran we must recognize that his actions in Iran were every bit as (over)zealous as that of extreme thinkers in any part of the world.  He placed impulse before judgment, and messed up big time.

Mrs. Adedini stated on CNN that in the future she’ll “draw a red line” at letting her husband proselytize in Iran.

With an abusive person, you’re bound to escalate the problems at home if you try to exercise authority.  Abusers don’t approve of their spouses talking about that nonexistent authority, either.

Saeed Adedini doesn’t belong in an Iranian prison.  However, if his wife’s strange public behavior reflects real anxiety she has about her husband’s impulses, he is one of many who doesn’t belong with his family, either.

The family situation reflected in the CNN video is common.  It must be handled discreetly by professionals whose first concern is for the safety of family members.  No matter how you look at the issues, the airing of that video was wrong.

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