Penn And El Chapo

If you plan on reading Sean Penn’s interview with the drug kingpin who is known in media reports as El Chapo, take a look at today’s New York Times article.

Sean Penn is a brilliant actor, and he may have had legitimate reasons to seek this interview, too.  On the other hand, maybe he was motivated by ambition or the cloak-and-dagger mentality which a lot of misguided people have.

I haven’t read the Rolling Stone interview, and I’m not that curious. However, it’s being treated as news, and the Times article offers some background on the process involved.

Even if we don’t work up the curiosity to follow a particular news story, we should care about the efforts to deliver the news.  Some efforts should be appreciated, while others raise ethical questions. In the case of this particular meeting between Mr. Penn and El Chapo, there will be no consensus.

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