Violin History

You don’t want to admit you’re interested in this topic, but you know you love it.

This morning I was listening to the WRTI stream when the station aired a short interview with Nicholas Makris, a professor at MIT.

Now, before you start thinking there’s nothing in this story for low-brow sensibilities, please click the link below.  The name for the air vents on a contemporary violin is guaranteed to get a room full of teenaged boys laughing hysterically.

Please don’t judge the blogger.  I struggle to find topics which allow me to post an average of one item per day.  Maybe I’m trying too hard, but yesterday’s word magnet statement about the existential struggle of the squirrel struck the right chord with some of you.

Sometimes you don’t know you have a success until you toss it out there.  Be ready to take chances.

I confess.  I laughed.  That may seem disgraceful for a woman of a “mature” age, but to paraphrase Howlin’ Wolf, I ain’t supercilious (Okay, the song was written by Willie Dixon.  No need to contact me about that).  I can laugh at juvenile things, and that’s healthy.

It’s a fact: Snobs catch more colds than the rest of us.  (Disclosure: I made that up.)

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