Carnegie Deli’s Upstairs Neighbors

Links to two online news stories appear at the end of this post.  One is  April 2015 news footage from the ABC affiliate, and the other is a current DNA info report.

If you follow New York City news, you heard about Carnegie Deli being closed in April of last year by the Health Department after an illegal natural gas hookup was discovered.  Con Ed was inspecting buildings in the city after a deadly explosion in the East Village, and the code violation at Carnegie Deli was similar to conditions in the East Village building.

Carnegie Deli is still closed, but neighbors who live upstairs finally have heat and hot water.  They had to wait months for those basics, and they still don’t have gas for cooking.  That part should be restored by the end of this week.

According to DNA info, some maintenance work is being done inside the deli, in order to meet various criteria for reopening.

Disclosure: I’ve never eaten at Carnegie Deli, but only because I’m not much of a deli food person.  I’ve been to a couple of others in NYC, mainly for coffee and healthy sandwiches. 

Although Carnegie Deli is regarded as part of Manhattan’s classic character, I don’t think I’ll be eager to eat there the next time I’m in NYC.

We don’t know about all of the property owners who take shortcuts which endanger tenants and the public.  Some customers might prefer not to patronize Carnegie Deli in the future, but most will return.  The business also attracts visitors to the city.

If you’re in the neighborhood after it reopens, use your own judgment in deciding whether you’ll buy food from Carnegie Deli.  If you eat there, treat the staff with the same respect you would want if you were in their position.  They weren’t the ones who screwed up.

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