A Different Opinion On Caitlyn Jenner

Yesterday, I posted my concerns about Caitlyn Jenner’s regrettable comments.  I didn’t quote any of those comments verbatim, on the assumption that readers were already familiar with them. I still stand by the claims in yesterday’s post.  However, an online commentary on Advocate.com offers a different opinion with a persuasive argument.  Please consider reading this.  Your reaction is welcome in the comment section below, and any comment which is not deemed inflammatory, vulgar or robot-based will be approved. http://www.advocate.com/commentary/2015/12/18/caitlyn-jenner-problematic-so-are-all-us Continue reading A Different Opinion On Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner’s “Mistakes”

We should accept the fact that Caitlyn Jenner speaks responsibly only when she has a script.  Her spontaneous remarks are a mess. She’ll always need coaching if her activism is going to have a positive impact. The Mirror article (link below) includes a clip from Ms. Jenner’s reality show.  It’s an apparently scripted argument with her ex-wife. The scene — and it’s a scene, in every sense of the word — depicts a private conflict which doesn’t belong on television.  It’s also bullshit. Viewers are supposed to think they’re peering into the window of someone’s home, but really it’s just … Continue reading Caitlyn Jenner’s “Mistakes”

Preserving History In Manhattan

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a link to a New York Times article about the wooden escalators at Macy’s in Manhattan.  They were preserved — and upgraded — during a recent renovation effort. I was thirty-four years old when I visited New York City for the first time, in October 1994.  The trip was planned meticulously, and for the most part it went just the way it was supposed to. I reserved a seat on a nonstop red eye flight to JFK, which landed while it was still dark outside.  By the time I got out of … Continue reading Preserving History In Manhattan

Vintage Lesbian Pulp Book Cover Art

Do any of you remember the Lesbian Pulp Address Book published in 2000 by Chronicle Books?  I still have mine. shewired has posted ten images of covers from the lesbian pulp fiction era, in case you’ve never seen any of the books.  Ann Bannon and Vin Packer were among the best known writers.  Initially, Patricia Highsmith’s The Price Of Salt was published under a pseudonym. Fun Fact: Lawrence Block was writing lesbian pulp in those days.  His pen name was Jill Emerson. http://www.shewired.com/identities/2015/12/08/10-ridiculously-salacious-pulp-book-covers-featuring-lesbian-lovers Continue reading Vintage Lesbian Pulp Book Cover Art

Ellen Versus Unicorn Who Chews The Scenery

This is one of the best Ellen DeGeneres videos ever.  It’s on YouTube, and is shared online by http://www.shewired.com shewired is a site I usually stumble onto through a link on http://www.advocate.com, but I probably should bookmark it. http://www.shewired.com/television/2015/12/12/watch-ellen-faces-against-sparkly-unicorn-hilarious-new-clip   Continue reading Ellen Versus Unicorn Who Chews The Scenery

The Pitter Patter Of Everything In Multi-Unit Buildings

I live in a condominium near San Francisco’s Civic Center.  My unit is one of the most basic in this building — a large efficiency studio, under four hundred square feet.  The floor plan is similar to a long hallway. I have no complaints about this.  My long, narrow apartment is the most comfortable place I’ve ever lived, and if you saw the house where I grew up or the rented studio where for nearly twenty-eight years my life deteriorated with the rest of the building you’d understand.  I might as well have struck gold when I had the long-awaited … Continue reading The Pitter Patter Of Everything In Multi-Unit Buildings

Incarcerated Women

Please click the two links to read a Nov. 30 New York Times Editorial and the letters in response. http://nyti.ms/1YCJXpk http://nyti.ms/1OTbLCU Most of us think in simplistic terms when we discuss the prison population.  The tidiest opinions are emotion-driven and free of that messy substance called “life experience.”  It isn’t unusual for someone to say, “Just obey the law.  It’s that easy.” The person who thinks that way might have a very clean house, perfect attendance at church and a copy of Reader’s Digest on the nightstand.  Life makes sense as long as you can keep your frame of reference … Continue reading Incarcerated Women

Off-Label Prescribing For Young Children

Disclaimer: I have no background and no formal education in healthcare. This blog post shares a concern about the public health and offers recommendations for further reading.  A link to an article in The New York Times appears at the end of this post. The overprescribing of drugs has a weird, contradictory history.  For decades, we’ve had concerns about the prescribing habits of doctors who encourage or force patients to take medications (psychotropics and others) which may not be well-suited for those people.  On the other hand, when prescription medicines are advertised directly to the public — as they are … Continue reading Off-Label Prescribing For Young Children

Is The Nearest Hospital Out-Of-Network?

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a link to a news story on the NBC affiliate website in New York City.  Please click the link to read/hear the details because they’re complicated.  It concerns a hospital in New Jersey which sent an inflated bill to a patient after a common urgent care procedure. This example should prompt discussions on more than one issue.  Yes, some hospitals are in danger of closing because their income doesn’t cover overhead (it has already happened to some of them).  It’s also true that an outrageous bill can be a real source of … Continue reading Is The Nearest Hospital Out-Of-Network?