Fine, Edgy Comedy Album By Dave Hill

Dave Hill Let Me Turn You On

If you’re a proud member of The Good Taste Patrol, stop reading this post now.

Dave Hill’s first comedy album, Let Me Turn You On,  is a rough-around-the-edges, ironic and filthy burst of genius.

The album has been available on CD and in electronic formats since last May, but I found it last night after typing the artist’s name in a search space on Spotify.

Mr. Hill — Dave, if you want to get familiar — has a loyal following.  He has extensive experience as a musician, and has worked with several different groups.  Currently, he has a radio show on WFMU in New Jersey.

Sadly, most people with mainstream interests don’t know of him unless they’ve see a copy of his first book of humorous essays, Tasteful Nudes, in the public library.  That was how I discovered him. I read the hardcover library book, and then bought the paperback at an indie bookstore in San Francisco.

We should support indie bookstores.  Besides, it wouldn’t have felt right to buy Tasteful Nudes from a chain store.  Buying it from a big retailer would have been reminiscent of Annie Hall ordering pastrami on white bread.

Disclosure: My only published book is self-published on Kindle.  Most of my acquaintances are adamant about buying print books from independents, so they haven’t read my novella.  “Gee, I’d like to, but…” they tell me.  So, if it’s easier for you to buy Dave’s album and book from a large company, by all means don’t let a hypocritical blogger stop you.

Dave’s next book (title to be announced) is due in May.  If it’s in hardcover, I’ll spend an entire month’s pre-moistened wipe budget to own it.  God knows what I’ll do without those wipes, though.

Let Me Turn You On has thirteen tracks (approx. one hour) of comedy monologues, some accompanied by heavy metal guitar.  I’ve shared one track, Trouble At Home, with my social media pals.  In that one short monologue, Dave shows courage in saying out loud what everyone was thinking during those awkward moments on mall escalators before Christmas.  He also addresses Reality TV, plumbing luxuries and other stuff the common person hasn’t pondered carefully enough.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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