Spring Flowers In Bloom

IMG_0107Beautiful spring flowers on Christmas Day can be appreciated, but global warming is tampering with nature.

Global warming deniers have a snappy comeback every time someone suggests there’s a problem.  It’s always ill-informed, too.  If we have an unusually cold winter, deniers claim that’s proof the planet isn’t getting hotter.  They’re wrong.

(In case you’re wondering what prompted a blogger to post on this topic on Christmas, The New York Times is reporting that spring flowers are blooming in NYC.  A link to the article is at the end of this post.)

I subscribe to the print edition of The Hightower Lowdown, Jim Hightower’s excellent monthly newsletter.  The December 2015 issue is devoted entirely to the global warming tragedy, and the 1970s-1980s “greenhouse effect” research conducted by Exxon.  It doesn’t make Exxon look good.

It’s impossible to know how many for-profit companies have knowingly trashed the planet in favor of their financial bottom line. However, if we don’t recognize that many powerful businesses have sold us out we’re just babes in the woods — and doing nothing to prevent the next real or figurative forest fire.

When I hear Republican politicians dismiss global warming, I suspect they have a simplistic plan for buying a new planet after this one wears out.  Spoiled rich kids think money can get them out of any jam.

The Hightower Lowdown has a website where electronic editions of archived newsletters can be found.  The December issue may be online in January.


Today’s New York Times has advice on how gardeners can adjust to the current unseasonably warm weather in the Northeast.


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