Caitlyn Jenner’s “Mistakes”

We should accept the fact that Caitlyn Jenner speaks responsibly only when she has a script.  Her spontaneous remarks are a mess. She’ll always need coaching if her activism is going to have a positive impact.

The Mirror article (link below) includes a clip from Ms. Jenner’s reality show.  It’s an apparently scripted argument with her ex-wife. The scene — and it’s a scene, in every sense of the word — depicts a private conflict which doesn’t belong on television.  It’s also bullshit. Viewers are supposed to think they’re peering into the window of someone’s home, but really it’s just media people using meticulously staged drama to exploit the public’s voyeurism.

Disclosure:  The excerpt described in the above paragraph is the only one I’ve watched.  I won’t hazard a guess on whether it reflects on the rest of the series.

Chaz Bono isn’t an intellectual powerhouse, either, but he hasn’t sought nearly as much attention as Ms. Jenner.  I get the impression Mr. Bono just wants to continue with his life, while Ms. Jenner is preoccupied with using her transition to fuel a new career.  She’s hurting others in the process because her narcissism is messing with something delicate.

There are other transgender activists, but they aren’t nearly as high profile.  I hope they can offset some of this crap.  The consequences affect more than one segment of the population.  It’s a matter of encouraging everyone to respect others as individuals.

Question:  Is an issue less important when the impact is limited to a particular group of people?

Answer:  No. 

Arguing whether Caitlyn Jenner is pretty without make-up sends the focus in the wrong direction.  Reckless statements from Ms. Jenner may pose an even bigger problem.

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