New Restaurant Menu Requirement In NYC

Beginning today, December 1, some restaurants in New York City will be required to post warnings on their menus for foods which contain high sodium.

This law does not remove high sodium items from the menu, and it does not limit portions.  For those reasons, it should not be compared to the beverage ordinance of a few years back.

My own immediate reaction is to say the new law simply allows consumers to make more informed choices.  Whether a restaurant patron’s health issue is high blood pressure, PMS or something else, that person should be able to consider the impact of a restaurant meal’s salt on his or her health.

If anything, the public is still left in the dark on other nutritional issues.  We rarely know if hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms are present in the food others prepare.

If you know of ethical or legal concerns about this law, please use the comment section to explain.

A link to a New York Times report on the new law appears below.

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