KTVU Personality Pat McCormick Is Alive And Well

If you’ve spent your life in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll remember Pat McCormick on KTVU Channel 2. This week, it was mistakenly reported that Mr. McCormick had passed away. During the 1960s and 70s, Pat McCormick hosted two local daytime shows, Dialing For Dollars and Charley And Humphrey. Dialing For Dollars occupied a 1:00-3:00 p.m. weekday time slot which included a movie and periodic telephone calls to Bay Area residential numbers.  Hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars were awarded to viewers who could answer questions proving they were watching. Charley And Humphrey was a children’s after school show … Continue reading KTVU Personality Pat McCormick Is Alive And Well

Some LDS Members Leave Church In Protest Of Homophobic Family Policy

The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints has always emphasized family bonds.  At one time that included sister wives, and even now the church’s officials claim polygamous families remain together in eternity. In any era, a religion’s emphasis on “Family Values” can create some nasty disputes.  When members accept every bit of dogma, they’re persuaded to abuse or disown loved ones who don’t conform. Now, the LDS leadership is seeing what happens when the public is genuinely enlightened on family values, and it isn’t going too smoothly for the church.  When it was announced that children raised by same-sex … Continue reading Some LDS Members Leave Church In Protest Of Homophobic Family Policy

Heavy Smoke From Fire In Midtown Manhattan

A two alarm fire broke out near Penn Station in New York City today (Saturday). According to the NBC affiliate in New York, the fire began at 4:40 p.m. (EST) in a five-story building at 316 W. 36th Street. Although the fire was extinguished soon after FDNY arrived, bystanders reported heavy smoke.  Gothamist.com has a report on the fire, including screenshots of photographs posted online by the public.  A link to Gothamist’s story appears below. http://gothamist.com/2015/11/14/massive_fire_in_midtown_filling_are.php#photo-1 Continue reading Heavy Smoke From Fire In Midtown Manhattan

Pet Health Alert

Most pet guardians like to share food with their animal companions.  When I was growing up, the most common debate was whether it was appropriate to share food at the dinner table. Veterinarians have more to say on the subject.  They have actual lists of foods which are harmless to humans but life-threatening to other species. I won’t try to recommend a website for researching this topic, but the websites exist.  You can also ask your pet’s veterinarian. A brand new hazard has been brought to our attention.  Peanut butter, a doggie favorite, is now being made differently by some … Continue reading Pet Health Alert

The Brutal, Dubious Glamour Of Bloomingdale’s

Rape is not funny, and it isn’t sophisticated social behavior.  We’re reminded of that all the time, thanks to caring, honest — and justifiably angry — people who want to avert tragedies. Still, some people don’t get it.  Now it’s evident that an entire group of individuals in a print advertisement’s chain of command let this basic wisdom slip past them, and Bloomingdale’s management is apologizing. Apologies aren’t worthless, but if the persons involved had actual respect for women — and men — there’d be no offensive ad requiring an apology in the first place. I’ve seen only a small … Continue reading The Brutal, Dubious Glamour Of Bloomingdale’s